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best whiteboard explainer videos

YouTube is the leading platform where many people have opened their channels to share and promote all manner of things- from video reviews, news, fashion, games, foodstuffs, medical equipment and medicine, music, electronics, cars, furniture, and many more. However to succeed on the platform is not easy as every day millions of videos are added. To get viewers and subscribers to your YouTube channel requires you to put in place a sound strategy. The strategy involves creating attractive and engaging videos. The best way to come up with a remarkable YouTube explainer video is to model on the top YouTube explainer videos.

We provide you with the best 5 YouTube Explainer Video to help you create top YouTube explainer videos


Published on March 6, 2012, Dollar Shave Club has more than 25 million views.  According to Michael Dubin, the star, and founder of the video, Dollar Shave Club cost only $4,500 to produce. If you have watched the video, then you have noticed some traits that are common in most top videos. In this video, humor is used to keep people engaged. Interesting, high-quality visuals are used to keep the viewer focused, and the video is short and sweet.


Notarization is arguably a boring subject but Notarize turned it into an interesting and watchable explainer video. Notarize is evidence enough that humor can make boring things fun and that there is no excuse for creating a boring explainer video. The producers of Notarize knew that the topic they wanted to create an explainer video on was boring even to the people who needed that information. And so what did they do? They decided to use humor and authenticity to make the funniest and highly shareable video that worked for them.


Amazon is another excellent explainer video that can inspire you if you are looking at creating an explainer video on a topic that your customers aren’t yet aware off. It could be a new product, innovation or new technology or a new way of doing things. Amazon nailed it when they introduced their new shopping service Amazon Go. The video took the time to explain to the audience step-by-step how using the service will be easy. It’s a wonderful explainer video that realized its intended results.


Panorama9 is an excellent explainer video that takes advantage of color, motion, and visuals to keep the audience engaged while they explain their service. The animation was short, interesting, and fun to watch. The explainer video is a great success that you can model on to create a meaningful explainer video on your desired subject.


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