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The easiest way to edit videos on Mac is by using the Mac Quick Time App. When you purchase a new Mac, it includes a copy of basic video editing applications such as iMAC, and advanced video editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. However, if you need to edit stuff quickly, then you can use the in-built QuickTime app to get the job done. Another valuable tool that you can use to edit videos on Mac is the Movavi video editor for Mac.

Here’s how you can use the Quick Time app to edit your videos on Mac

Trimming your video or Audio files

Use QuickTime to open a video file by just double-clicking on the video file. This is because Quick Time is the default video player. Alternatively, you can open an audio file in Quick Time command by right-clicking it and then point to open with, and then select Quick Time. After your video file is open in Quick Time, click Edit > Trim and a simple trimming interface appears. You can drag the bars on the ends to select the part of the video that you intend to keep and then click trim to remove all the unwanted parts. You can click a file and then save to save your edited video file.

Combining Multiple Files

You can use Quick Time to combine multiple video files by opening the first file in Quick Time and then dragging and dropping another file on the Quick Time window. The second file will appear at the end of the first file. You can drag and drop file clips as you wish. To trim, you just need to double-click the desired clip, and a trim interface will appear. You can also follow the same procedure to overlay an audio file over the video file so that the video file and the audio file can play at the same time.

Splitting clips and rearranging them

You can easily use Quick Time to split an open clip into two halves. To split the clips click Edit Clip > Split Clip, and the open file will be split into two halves. You can repeat the process to create multiple smaller clips. You can then drag clips to rearrange them accordingly the same way you merge multiple clips.

The above steps will get you started on using the Quick Time App available on your MAC to edit and create videos fast and with a lot of ease even for the novice in the art of video production.


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