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What Are the Most Popular VR Porn Apps?

Are you looking for popular VR porn apps? There are several great applications that you can use for your porn fix such as Virtual Real Player, Freevrplayer, and Sex Like Real. Here is a look at the top applications you can use to view VR porn.

 Virtual Real Player

TThis app was created by Virtual Real Porn for their site. Virtual Real Player is a very accessible site for adult content and since you can use almost any VR headset to view it. The site works with HTC Vive, Daydream, Oculus Rift and other VR headsets. There is a nice selection of videos for you to view. There is a nice section where you can pick the VR accessory that you own and then view videos that take advantage of that accessory. You can sort videos by date, length, title, and more. The downside to the site is that you will have to pay a membership fee to access all the features. One month membership at the basic price is $15.95. The app


While Virtual Real Player is an app created by a porn site, FreeVRPlayer is a popular app to view VR content including VR porn. Many porn sites recommend this app to view their content along with your VR headset. The site allows you to download and that watch VR videos with your smartphone. You can view them in 180 degrees and 360-degree panoramas so you experience videos like you have never seen them before. This app is nice as it works on both Android and Apple smartphones.

Sex Like Real

Sex Like Real is a full-featured VR porn site that also happens to have their own app for viewing their content. They offer a ton of great videos in many different categories for your viewing pleasure. The site offers a subscription which will cost you $34.99 per month. The good news is that they have a free feature where you can watch 24 VR porn movies to get a feel for what the site has to offer you. All you will need to view the content is VR headset and the app if you want to view the movies on your smartphone. You can use the app to view your porn videos, see trailers, get remastered videos, daily updates, and much more. The app makes viewing the content very easy. The app also pulls content from other sites, too. The app works with most headsets.

Which One is Best?

All these apps are great to use. If you want a basic player that works on most sites then go with Freevrplayer. This app is good because you can view normal videos as well so it’s an all-round good player. Both Sex Like Real and Virtual Real Player are both good if you want to use their paid subscription services to see all the content although you will get some free videos on Sex for Real so it’s the second best option with Virtual Real Player coming in last. Go with Virtual Real Player if you don’t want to spend as much as Sex for Real costs a lot more for membership.

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